Movetype Move Command
NormalJob Step+M
NormalPull Down Leg+H
NormalHead Crush (While In Air)+H
SpecialAlternative Catch,,,, + (Hold or plus for follow up)
SpecialReflector, , +
SpecialHumming Rush, , + (Press at the end for added damage)
SpecialJackson Kick (JK), , +
Special VariationPop up Knee(During JK) +L
Special VariationPartition Break(During JK) +M
Special VariationPull Down Heel(During JK) +H
SpecialUpload (Can be done in air) (hold Punches for it to travel forward, release and it'll travel up)
SpecialDownload+ (release punches for it to come up from underground)
SpecialCancer CrashL, L, , L, H
Lv 1 SuperGreat Cancer (can be done in air), , ,, , +
Lv 1 SuperFive Star Raid, , ,, , +
Lv 3 SuperFinal Cancer, , , , , +