Movetype Move Command
NormalTouchu hoh+M (Topdown)
NormalRakushichi Geki(In Air) +
SpecialSan Ren Kon, , + (follow up with +L X2 or +L or +L, +L to end)
SpecialTen Shou Ken, , +
SpecialKasumi Oroshi, , + (Follow up with X2, attacks depend on which kick button is used)
SpecialGekkyou Botan, , + (counter)
SpecialRyusui360+ (hold move, must be close)
Lv1 SuperIzayoi Rekkon, , ,, , +
Lv1 SuperYayoi Tou Kon Gi(Can be done in the air), , ,, , + (Press to make it stationary, and is controllable with joystick)