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Time to thank NKI, he's partially translated my "All About Street Fighter EX" book.  For the moment I'm just asking him to do some charts.  And the first chart is a list of each character movement summaries.  IE walking speed, jump heights, distances etc...  So thanks again to NKI for this.
ABSFEX Page 162

Time for an update.  I have a youtube account, so if I capture some small clips, or short combo videos they'll be posted there.  However should there be a large match video then that'll be hosted on this site.  I have 4 match videos uploaded as well.

SFEX3 Final Round Tape 1 Part 1
SFEX3 Final Round Tape 1 Part 2
SFEX3 Final Round Tape 2
SFEX3 Kieth vs Dai

SFEX Arc: Bent Stuff Tutorial Rip Disk 1, and Disk 2. Will be uploading onto mediamax as well.
Also my supergun's audio and video now work. So I'm almost getting to the part where I have to house it ^.^

SFEX3:  Another Mirror of the Ace Video requested by one John.

I'm also working on a All About Rip from a LD.  And a SFEX3 Medal guide.  Plus a tutorial, and a supergun... I've got too much to do lol. 

News: 1-17-07
Catch up time... sorry updates have occurred but I haven't reflected them onto this site. 
I have a youtube account now and now small beta's and streaming versions of files that I put up will now be on there as well as here. .  Meanwhile most of the people on there as "friends" also made some SFEX videos so it'd be worthwhile to check those out as well (IHX, Messatsu, Jester, SolGen etc...).  Now for specific releases:
SFEX3 (90 Damage Challege with 1 bar of use and no tag)
SFEX3 (Emotional Flow Video aka 6 super bars in a tag match) HQ will not upload for being too large apparently. 
SFEX+a (C.Jack Challenge by AfroLegends)

A-Cho apparently has been having some SFEX2+ tournaments going on, however they haven't hosted any video files yet, but if they do and I'm aware of it, I'll be mirroring the videos.

News: 3-14-06
SFEX3 Combo: Ace Missions (encoded in xvid: high quality, mpeg: low quality, dvix5?: low quality)

News: 2-22-06
SFEX2+: Uploaded 4 Bonus Mode Videos (Barrel, Satelite and Excel), and 26 Combo Videos. All are Mirrored from  Most of them do require the VP62 codec, so you'll have to find it but a quick search on google will do the job.

News: 1-3-06
SFEX3: Uploaded 6 Street Fighter EX3 which are mirrored from
Combo Videos (begazyakku.mpg, kenkakuseisitahokuto.mpg, kensydougaisuto.mpg, ryukensinryuken.mpg, sokusi.mpg, syadougaisutogaruda.mpg)

News: 12-14-05
Several videos in progress
SFEXarc: Movelist Complete (Begun working on frame data)
SFEX+a: Movelist Complete
SFEX2: Movelist Complete
SFEX2+: Movelist Complete
SFEX3: Movelist Complete

News: 8-1-05
Special Thanks to Eidrian
SFEX3: Combo Videos (KairiandHokutoRage-3, Sfex3_Balrog1_high, Sfex3_Balrog2_Glitch1, Sfex3_Balrog_Shadow1_high, Sfex3_Blanka-Dhalsim1_high, Sfex3_Kairi1_high, Sfex3_Kairi-Shadow1_high, Sfex3_ShadowGlitch1_high)
SFEX3: Match Video (Pelea 1-7 by Evil Kairi)

News: 6-22-05
SFEX2+: Combo Video (SFEX2PEMM16_XX XX=LG or SM by me)

News: 5-23-05
SFEX+a: Combo Video (EMM16_SM, EMM16_LG by me)
SFEX3: Endings Complete, both USA and Japanese with rough translations
SFEX2+: Movelist Complete

News: 2-23-05
SFEX3: Combo Videos (Bison2Shinv2.mpg/avi by me)

News: 2-6-05
SFEX3: Combo Video (SFEX3Proto by liquidscor00)

News: 12-28-04
SFEX3: Match videos (KiethvsVietSFEX3_1 and KiethvsVietSFEX3_2, note I'm player 1)
CvS2: Match video (KurtvsVietCvS2_1)
HSF2AE: Match video (KurtvsViet)

News: 10-5-04
SFEX3: Combo Video(mov64.mpg and mpv64mpeg2.mpg)It's a bit short, but some good footage in there, including an unblockable setup ^.^

News: 9-30-04
Recently (lastnight) I was issued a challenge more or less to come up with a 40+ hit combo with Kairi, Garuda, and Ryu, without the use of Emotional Flow, nor tagging.  So in response to this, heres a video for all of your enjoyment. ^.^ Unfortunately battle affects aren't in sync, and I'm low on songs, so you've heard this song several times before. SFEX3: Combo Video (40HitChallenge.avi)

News: 9-28-04
Sorry for lack of updates, the server was a bit uncooperative.SFEX+a: Combo Video (SFEX+aDhalsim31hitcombo.avi by me; video12.mpa by Shinobi)

News: 8-5-04:
SFEX2+: Combo Videos (Vosso§Y¦º.zip)SFEX3: Misc Video (In SFEX3Strag, SFEX3RollingCredits.avi) HSF2AE: Mirroring Daigo vs Schaefer matches

News: 7-26-04:
Video UpdatesSFEX3: Combo Videos (GarudaNewComplete.avi)SFEX3: Match Videos (Ybarra series)SFEX3: Tips and Tricks Videos (DDarkSB.avi, testDarunJuggle.avi, and cHKtocLP.avi)SFEX2+: Combo videos (From Hongkong nanase¬y¤ô§Y¦º.zip (by 解除血封印oHokuto) and zangief.mpg (by linboys))

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